Friday, March 16, 2007

So Ji Sub to return to TV screen through drama series 'Cain and Abel

So Ji Sub who will complete his military duties on April 27th has selected the drama series 'Cain and Abel' as his returning piece. After his discharge, So Ji Sub will start filming 'Cain and Abel,' two years after his last drama 'I'm Sorry, I Love You' which ended in December of 2004.

The series 'Cain and Abel,' produced by the newly formed company Plan B Pictures, is the fateful story of two brothers who were separated during their youth and meet again as a police agent and killer. So Ji Sub will play the younger brother 'Jin' who was sent to the U.S. for adoption and is raised to become a killer of the Mafia. The cast for the role of the older brother has not yet been decided.
'Cain and Abel' which will be filmed on location in San Francisco is a large scale drama with an estimated production cost of 600 million won.

The broadcasting channel is to be determined while the series will be filmed 70% in advance.
So Ji Sub's agency BOF commented on the 15th, "So Ji Sub selected this piece after contemplating for a long time. He said he would put his best into it for the fans that have been waiting for him for so long."

source: BROASIA

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