Saturday, March 31, 2007

Most Envied Star Couple

According to netizens, actor Hyun-bin and actress Hwang Ji-hyun are the most envied star couple.
Music portal site Bugs surveyed 3,352 netizens from the 9th-16th and 37% responded that the news of Hyun-bin and Hwang Ji-hyun’s relationship was the biggest heart-breaking celebrity news.

The celebrity couple publicly announced their relationship through their fan sites on February 25th.
Hyun-bin shot to stardom as the lead male in the hit TV series, “My Name is Kim Samsoon” (also known as “My Lovely Samsoon”) and Hwang Ji-hyun’s supporting role in the drama “Come Back, Soon-ae” gained her recognition.

The news of the attractive pair’s relationship made fans feel most envious.
In 2nd place was the star coupling of KBS host Park Ji-yoon and fellow-KBS Choi Dong-suk, which earned 20% of the votes. Park Ji-yoon has been gaining popularity through her appearance on several shows, including “Star Golden Bell.”

And in third place of most envious couple with 15% of the votes was singer Park Ji-yoon and Yongi, followed by Jadu and Eum Seung-baek with 14% and Baek Boram and Kim Jae-woo with 483 votes.

source: kbs

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