Thursday, March 29, 2007

Endless Love ( autumn in my heart ) ost

01. Main Title (Flute Version)
02. Reason - Jung Il Young
03. Romance (G.-Sam Lee/P.-Choi Tae Wan)

04. gi do - Jung Il Young

05. Remember (G.-Park Jung Won)

06. ul ma na nae ga - Yoon Chang Gun

07. Reason (Instrumemtal)

08. Romance (P.-Lee Hong Rae)
09. noon mool (P.-Lee Hong Rae)

10. ul ma na nae ga (G.-Ham Choon Ho)
11. ggoom sok eh suh - Jung Il Young

12. ul ma na nae ga (P.-Yoo Jung Hyun)
13. gi do (Instrumental)

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Anonymous said...

Hi!! someone know what's the song that sing yon seoh, in episode three, when he come back and remenber when he and she were biclying and he is singing and then he stoped and eu seo was telling to follow singing....! which is that song!!?? want to know someone plis tell me !! thnks

Simplemaja said...

It's so beautiful korean drama series which i never forgot since when i was grade IV 'til now that i am already first year college,But still i am here,fans of endless love autumn in my heart..I still remember how the tears of jenny fell down to her cheeks,,.When theRE is a time that i heard there themesong "ikaw ang nais ko....ibibigay sayo ang puso't kaluluwa..." and the song which is sung by Miss lovi Poe,"i never knew love" oh, i feel I'm in heaven,,.Thanks for those people who provide the memorable files ot this episode..i love you so much,How happy you made me and will makes me more happier that i could be..thanks,.

Anonymous said...

The song he was singing for Eun suh is called "Noh Eul"

Anonymous said...

The song is called "Noh Eul (노을)"...

Anonymous said...

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!(((( There is this song from episode 4 from this drama that got stuck in my head, can anyone help me? It is in episode 4, when Won Bin pretended that he had losted his watch and she threw water at him, does anyone know the tittle and the singer of that song? It's not in the OST and also the piano song that was always played when Won Bin's character showed up. Two beautiful songs that I don't know the tittle to. Can anyone help me with the singer and tittle of those songs?

doha said...

the music in episode 4 when eun suh threw water at wonbin face called reason instrumental .... search it on google so easy to find it but choose the instrumental not the song itself ....i will try to find a link for u :):)

Anonymous said...

Thanks,Reason I have already found, and here the song where is sung by the girl, has not found!!! =((((( Find please a song!!!!))) the song is necessary to me very strongly!!)

Anonymous said...

what a title of melody in this drama? no lyrics just a melody...