Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yoon Eun Hye & Eric Moon in new drama

Eric (real name Moon Jung Hyuk) and Yoon Eun Hye are returning back to MBC, this time as couples.

Eric and Yoon Eun Hye were casted as the main leads of upcoming drama, 'Que Sera Sera', which is planning to be aired after the final episode of 'White Tower' (March).

A representative from MBC commented on the 25th, "Yes, Eric has been casted as the main male lead for 'Que Sera Sera'. It is most likely that his partner will be Yoon Eun Hye; details are still in talks.

"Last January, Eric had to abruptly end his shooting for MBC's 'Wolf' when he got into an accident on set, causing the drama to halt. He's back to MBC within one year to start his new drama. Eric's most recent drama, 'Invicible Parachute Agent' ended in November. Yoon Eun Hye would also be returning within a year to MBC after filming 'Goong'.

'Que Sera Sera' is being produced by Kim Yoon Chul, who gained immense popularity with his 2005 hit, 'My Name is Kim Sam Soon'. His return to MBC in 2 years has raised the attention of many fans and viewers. He is planning for a more mellow theme/mood in 'Que Sera Sera'.

Do Hyun Jung, who has previously worked with Kim Yoon Chul, has been left in charge with the script. 'Green Snake Productions', which has been making hit after hit with 'Joomong' and 'Unstoppable High Kick', has been chosen to lead 'Que Sera Sera'.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Witch Yoo-Hee vs Goong S, Kim Jung Hoon new Drama!

Kim Jung Hoon of ‘Goong’ joins the cast of ‘Witch Yoo-hee’, a rival drama to ‘Goong S News En Reporter, Kim Eun-Goo] Singer/Actor Kim Jung Hoon (KJH), who played one of the main characters in MBC’s hit drama, ‘Goong’, has unsheathed a sword against new MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama series, ‘Goong S’. Although KJH hasn’t formally signed the contract, he has verbally agreed to join the cast of ‘Witch Yoo-hee’, a rival drama to ‘Goong S’, and plans to start script rehearsals as soon as the 12th.

Since ‘Witch Yoo-hee’ will premiere on March 14, two rivaling dramas will overlap only two episodes, but the main characters from both dramas share common backgrounds as Ee Hoo (played by Seven) of ‘Goong S’ starts off as a Chinese restaurant delivery person and Chae Moo-ryong (played by Jae Hee) of ‘Witch Yoo-hee’ is an aspiring chef whose father is a famous Chinese chef. Hwang Een-reh, the producer of ‘Goong’ and ‘Goong S’, and Jeon Ghee-sahng, the producer of ‘My Girl’ and ‘Witch Yoo-hee’, have already been rivals once before with their previous dramas, ‘Goong’ and ‘My Girl’, respectively.

Producer Hwang is said to be KJH’s mentor as ‘Goong’ has made KJH famous as an actor, but it looks like he will star in Hwang’s rival drama.
In ‘Witch Yoo-hee’, KJH plays Dr. Yoo Joon-hah, an ex-boyfriend of heroine Ma Yoo-hee, played by Hahn Gah-een. Not being able to overcome their differences in social class, Yoo leaves for America after breaking up with Ma, but, upon his return, tries to win her back.

‘Witch Yoo-hee’ is a fusion romantic comedy about Ma, a successful career woman with absolutely no talent in love, and Chae, a striving intern chef with a superb sense of taste, who tries to coach Ma how to succeed in love.

Credits: Korean to English Translated by 3M
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Friday, January 12, 2007

Bae Yong Joon, Choi Ji Woo wax figures in Chuncheon

Wax figures of Hallyu stars Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo have been gathering attention after being set up at the Gangwon Drama Gallery in the city of Chuncheon of Gangwon Province.

Gangwon Province is offering life-size wax figure displays of
Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo to tourists.

The figures were custom made after the province officials settled copyright issues with the agencies of the two stars and are expected to gather tourists as they are allowed to take pictures.

In an effort to continue the Hallyu popularity, Gangwon Province opened a drama gallery featuring the bench and snowman, Joon Sang's home and other memorable scenes of Winter Sonata without the wax figures.

The drama gallery was visited by 25,853 people from within Korea and 7,508 foreigners.

A Gangwon Province official commented, "The wax figures were originally planned to be offered with the opening of the gallery but copyright remained an issue. As they are now made in life-size models, we hope this will spark the popularity of Hallyu once again."

source:broasia photo: kbs grobal

"Goong S" audience rating 14.7%, 2nd place
Source: Innolife + Digital YTN + Joynews24 + Inews24

The MBC korean drama "Goong S", facing a suit regarding the use of the title and broadcast of the drama, has attracted the interest of teenage viewers with its first broadcast.

According to an audience rating research agency AGB Neilsen Media Research, "Goong S", which was first broadcasted on January 10, recorded a nationwide rating of 14.7%. The MBC drama ranked next to the SBS drama "Sweetheart", which recorded 19.8%. Per area, "Goong S" registered 16.5% at the national capital region while in the Seoul region, it recorded 13.2%. When classified in age, "Goong S" attracted 17% teenagers, 15% viewers in their 30s, 13% in their 40s, 12% in their 20s and 6% in their 50s. The drama's viewers are mostly female teenagers.

Viewers had high interests on Se7en's acting.
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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Goong S, (Official poster!)

The official poster for MBC's drama, "Goong S", which Se7en stars in was released.
The concept of this latest poster is "in the imperial family where tradition is everything (is everywhere), the prince appears from a Chinese restaurant".

Because of this, their digity of the royalty explodes as the prince Se7en sits on the thrown. From the picture, it can be seen him wearing jeans and sneakers, with a headphone around his neck and a manga in his hands and a personality giving off the feeling of him having the liveliness and youthful enthusiasm of having 2007 in front of him.

Broadcasting starts on the 10th.

(Summary translation)

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Old Crown Prince Joo Ji Hoon VS New Crown Prince Se7en

What is common between Se7en and Joo Ji Hoon? They are both Crown princes of MBC.

But the first Crown prince was Joo Ji Hoon. From January 11 to March 30 2006, Joo Ji Hoon played a Crown prince in the MBC drama "Palace" and caught women's hearts.

Joo Ji Hoon received a lot of criticisms because people taught he did not fit the role. However, as "Palace" started, such criticisms were erased. Joo was even given a "New Actor" award in the recently concluded MBC Drama Awards, proving that the Crown prince syndrome is still alive.

Joo Ji Hoon's Crown prince image is totally different with "Palace S"'s new Crown prince. Our new prince is the lucky guy Se7en, who plays the role of a Chinese restaurant delivery man who later learns that he is from the Royal family.

Se7en even cut short his 4th album activities so he can concentrate with the drama. The expectations of fans are only natural because this will be his first acting project.

"Palace S" starts airing on January 10 at 9:55 pm. It will be fun comparing the refined Crown prince Joo Ji Hoon with the raw Crown prince Se7en in this funny drama.

Source: newsen

Credit: Se7enth Heaven + Forever_Charmed @ AF

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Will Won Bin return to acting ?

Won Bin Getting Back in Shape
Korean star actor Won Bin, who was discharged from military service last June, is undergoing an intense physical rehabilitation program to return to work.

His agent said Thursday that Won Bin is investing most of his time in rehabilitation therapy and exercise.
Won Bin started his military service in December 2005 and was stationed at a forward base, but was discharged in June 2006 when a knee injury worsened.

His Korean and overseas fans have been eagerly waiting for his return to the screen, but he has kept a low profile and devoted himself to rehabilitation.
Despite the hiatus, Won Bin is still a favorite leading actor, and drama producers have been particularly interested in his comeback. His agent explained that although his knee condition has improved, it’s still hard for him to make sudden moves or walk for a long time.
Won Bin plans to return to acting as soon as he completes his physical therapy program.

source: kbs grobal

drama korean : “Dalja’s Spring” Off to Good Start

KBS 2TV’s new drama “Dalja’s Spring” has been receiving positive responses since its first episode was aired on Wednesday. The comic melodrama revolves around the life of a 33-year-old single woman, Oh Dal-ja, to show the reality she faces as an "old maid" and the love she still dreams of one day having.

Chae Lim plays the female lead, with Lee Min-ki playing opposite her as Tae-bong, a man younger than her who has a crush on her. Singer and actor Lee Hyun-woo plays Uhm Jung-ki, whose goal is to find a perfect and rational love. Other cast members include Gong Hyung-jin and Lee Hye-young.

In the first episode, Dal-ja, naive and clumsy, falls in love with Shin Se-do (Gong Hyun-jin), but to her disappointment soon finds that he is a playboy. She also encounters Tae-bong, whose job is to pose as a woman’s boyfriend under contract. He will sign a contract with Dal-ja in later episodes.

Viewers praised the drama for interesting characters and funny situations they can identify with. “I like the story development that I can sympathize with, and I think the characters are interesting and the cast is very good,” a viewer said. “I like the straightforward lines, too.” Other responses included, “It was so engaging that I never took my eyes off it,” “I liked that it showed reality in cartoon-like situations,” and “It was better than I expected.” Many viewers also praised Chae Lim for her portrayal of the naive single woman
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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Korean Singer Star Holds No.1 Song in China

Chinese Internet users chose a song from a Korean TV series sung by rising Korean singer Star as the best song from an OST.In a survey on Korean pop culture, Chinese respondents voted “I think I,” the theme song of the Korean TV seriesFull House,” as the No.1 theme song of the year.Conducted on some 50 thousand Chinese Internet users from September 29 to December 10 by KBS World together with China’s largest portal site, the survey asked the respondents to vote on the best Korean drama series, movies, and songs.As “Full House” grew popular in China, Star, who sang its title song, also gained a large following. According to Star’s agent, she is being invited to appear on Chinese TV and sing theme songs for Chinese dramas. Star is currently in China to promote her first album for overseas markets
source: kbs grobal

Choi ji woo leads the MBC drama Air City

Choi Ji Woo is selected to lead the weekend drama “Air City ” scheduled to be aired by MBC in mid May. She plays the heroine Han Do Kyung who is a career woman working as the regional chief of operation of 5 nations. However, Do Kyung lives with an uneven wound of her family.
This drama is a seasonal project celebrating the 6th anniversary of the opening of the Incheon National Airport by portraying the airport and navigating officers. The script writers are Lee Sun Hee who wrote for dramas “Model ( SBS)” and “Unobstructed Love (KBS2)” and Choi Wan Gyoo who wrote for famous dramas “Joo Mong” and “All In”. CJW’s previous drama was “Stairs to Heaven (SBS)” aired in 2004.
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2006 KBS Performance Awards

Highest Award : Ha Ji Won (Huang Jin Yi)

The Top Excellence Award :
Ryu Soo Young (Seoul 1945) ,
Shin Goo (Pure 19) ,
Lee Tae Ran (Chil Princesses aka The Infamous Chil Sisters)

Excellence Award : Go Joo Won, Kim Jin Tae, Choi Jung Won, Han Eun Jung

Supporting Award : Park Sang Myung, Lee Han Wee, Wang Bit Na, Jun Mi Sun

New Actor/Actress Award :
Park Hae Jin, Suh Ji Suk, Oh Man Suk, Goo Hye Sun, Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Yoon Ji

Young Actor/Actress Award : Kim Suk, Shim Eun Kyung

Best Couple Award:
Oh Man Suk, Yoon Eun Hye ,
Hyun Bin, Sung Yoo Ri ,
Jang Geun Suk, Ha Ji Won ,
Park Hae Jin, Lee Tae Ran

Popularity Award :
Hyun Bin, Oh Man Suk, Sung Yoo Ri, Choi Jung Won Netizen Award : Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won

Netizen Award : Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won
source: soompi
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2006 MBC Performance Award Ceremony

TV Category:

Daesang (Grand Award):
Song Il Kook (Joo Mong)

Top Excellence Award :

Actor:Song Il Kook (Joo Mong)
Jun Kwang Ryul ( Joo Mong)
Actress: Han Hye Jin ( Joo Mong)
Ha Hee Ra ( Do Well)

Excellence Award :

Kim Seung Soo ( Joo Mong)
Kim Yoon Suk ( Do Well)
Han Yeh Seul ( Couple of Fantasy)
Ji Soo Won (Do Well)

New Actor/Actress Award :
Joo Ji Hoon, Won Gi Joon, Yoon Eun Hye, Nam Sang Mi

Popularity Award : Oh Ji Ho, Han Yeh Seul

Best Couple Award : Oh Ji Ho, Han Yeh Seul

Special Award :

PD Award : Kim Ok Bin, Jung Ryu Won, Ji Hyun Woo, Chun Jung Myung

Large-scale Historical Drama Category : Oh Yun Soo, Huh Joon Ho

Drama Series Category : Byun Woo Min, Lee Young Ah, Hong Kyung Min

Nucleus Actors Award : Kim Ja Ok, Kim Hye Ok, Lee Kye In

source:CindyW88 soompi