Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Top 10 dramas by viewer rating since 2000

What 'hit dramas' were born in the new millennium?

In a research conducted based on data from January 1st of the year 2000 to the 26th of this month, TNS Media Korea ranked MBC's 'Dae Jang Geum' to be at the top with a 41.6% viewer rating average. Following in second was 'Lovers in Paris' of SBS which aired in the summer of 2004 at 41.5%. MBC's 'Jumong' which will end soon after breaking the 50% viewer rating line ranked third with a 40.6% average viewer rating.

MBC's 'My Lovely Sam-Soon' which brought about the '
Sam-Soon' craze in the summer of 2005 ranked fourth at 37.7% while 'Tae Jo Wang Geon' of KBS, despite airing over a period of a year and eleven months, ranked fifth with a 37.3% average viewer rating.

'Jinshil' that starred
Choi Ji Woo and Ryu Shi Won back in 2000 ranked 6th with a 36.9% average viewer rating while 'My Rosy Life' starring Choi Jin Shil ranked 7th with 34.2%, followed by 'Stairway to Heaven' of SBS with 33.9%.

'All In' (2003) and 'Successful Story of a Bright Girl' (2002) both aired on SBS ranked within the top ten with an average 33.7% viewer rating.

If the highest viewer rating surpasses 50%, the series is generally called a 'national drama,' yet observing the average viewer rating allows comparisons of which
drama series had a constant level of popularity.

In the case of 'Tae Jo Wang Geon,' it is notable in that it ranked 5th among series that usually end in two to three months. 'Dae Jang Geum' and 'Jumong' both also aired and have been aired for more than six and nine months respectively but still managed to rank among the top ten.

While 'Jumong' is a special case in that it is still being aired, there are only two episodes remaining with high expectations for the conclusion. It is projected to retain its position as third even after the last episode has aired.

Director Chae Jae Woong of TNS Media Korea commented, "While the highest viewer rating is only instantaneous, the average viewer rating truly shows the popularity of the series and therefore ones with high average viewer ratings can be considered a 'hit drama.' It is especially difficult for regular
drama series whose lengths exceed miniseries by more than several times to maintain a high average viewer rating.

source: broasia

korean tv series 'Snow Queen,' 'Spring Waltz' to Air in Japan

The KBS drama series 'Snow Queen' and 'Spring Waltz' will air on Japan's terrestrial TV.
The production agency Yoon's Color said Wednesday that Spring Waltz will begin airing April 7 on NHK, with a special introductory program scheduled a week earlier on March 31. Snow Queen will begin showing on satellite cable from April and on terrestrial TV in May.

A Spring Waltz special promo that will be recorded next Wednesday at an NHK studio will feature producer Yoon Seok-ho and the show's male and female leads, Seo Do-young and Han Hyo-joo. Yoon's Color will also open a Korean drama promotion center at its office near the Hongik University area in Seoul, where parts of the drama were shot. The agency said that, with government help, it will remodel the film venue into a center showcasing all of producer Yoon's four season-themed dramas including 'Summer Scent,' 'Autumn Tale' and 'Winter Sonata.'

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Kim Jeong-Hoon Cast as a Bad Guy in the New Drama

Kim Jung-Hoon, who decided to stop his studies at Seoul National University Dental School to become an entertainer, is putting on the white gown after all. The new SBS Wednesday Thursday drama ‘Manyeo Yuhui’, will be broadcasted, starring Kim Jeong-Hoon as a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon. Kim Jeong-Hoon entered Seoul National University Dental School in 1998, but withdrew from the university in 2003 after finishing 4 semesters to pursue a career as a singer/actor full-time.

He declared several leave of absences as a registered student while he was a member of the popular music group UN with Choi Jung-Won.
After his singing career with UN, Kim Jeong-Hoon transferred to Chung-ang University College of Arts as a third-year student of the Department of Theater, during which he was suddenly cast for a part in the drama ‘Goong (Princess Hours)’ which is based on a comic book he had enjoyed reading. Therefore it was not a hard decision to make; Kim Jung Hoon soon agreed to participate in the drama, which became his first serious role as an actor.

Kim Jeong-Hoon previously appeared in the movies ‘DMZ’, ‘Kkabulgima’, etc. However, as he recalled his acting experience prior to the drama ‘
Goong’’ he revealed, “Back then I didn’t feel like I was acting, but rather that I was faithfully fulfilling my daily schedule.

It was the drama ‘
Goong’ which made me realize that gave me more of a desire to become an actor. I knew then that I must follow my heart.” In the upcoming drama ‘Manyeo Yuhui’, Kim Jeong-Hoon plays a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon who is rivals with Jae-Hee. They both try and in the heart of Han Ga-In.

His character Yu Jun-Ha, is the female character Ma Yu-Hui’s (played by Han Ga-In) first love. Yu Jun-Ha is a cold-hearted character who is capable of betraying his most precious love for success.
Though Yu Jun-Ha is an ambitious two-faced character, he is a bad guy in the sense that his weakness stems from his strong desire for success.

In order to play this character role, he is working out to tone down his soft gentle image 2 hours everyday to build a more muscular physique. He is also dieting to make his face look slimmer for a sharper, masculine image.

Kim Jeong-Hoon is trying in everyway possible to get ready for this new transformation of playing a ‘bad boy’ character, and with all his efforts his fans are looking forward to seeing not only his acting, but this new fresh image.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Korean Drama 'Hotelier' to be Remade in Japan

The Korean television drama series 'Hotelier' starring Bae Yong Joon will be remade in Japan.

Japan's Sankei Sports Newspaper reported on the 20th, "The hit drama 'Hotelier' will be remade in the coming April by TV Asahi. 'Hotelier' which will be aired on Thursdays at 9pm will star Ueto Aya and will draw the story of a hotel which is about to undergo a mergers and acquisition."

The producer of the drama commented, "I requested Ueto Aya to play the lead role who is not deterred by work or love. I look forward to a mature feature of her in the character that is troubled by love without an answer while never losing her smile."

Ueto Aya commented, "Korean dramas have complicated love triangles that gather much attention, but I would like to draw realistic love. There is no kiss scene in this drama. I would like to act out a great hotelier."

The MBC drama series 'Hotelier' which aired in 2001 was a story about a five-star hotel fighting through a mergers and acquisition, and featured the love story of a corporate hunter (Bae Yong Joon), hotel general manager (Kim Seung Woo), female manager (Song Yoon Ah), and the daughter of the chairman leading the mergers and acquisition (Song Hye Gyo), and was aired on Tokyo MXTV, NihonTV, and others, adding to the Hallyu Boom in Japan.

The Japanese remake of 'Hotelier' will start filming in mid-March.
credit: xbunnylicious asianfanatics forum

Friday, February 16, 2007

Joo ji Hoon new Korean drama " The Devil "

Joo Ji Hoon and Shin Min Ah costar with Uhm Tae Woong in the KBS2 drama “The Devil

JJH plays the serial killer Seung Ho disguised as a lawyer. Seung Ho lost his family and grew up in sad and unfortunate environment. He studied hard and became a lawyer. However, he turns into a serial killer in order to take revenge on some people. SMA plays a person of “Psychometry ” which is the ability of divining information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching or being near to it. SMA’s previous drama was “A Love to Kill”, and JJH’s latest drama was “Palace”.

credit: cindyw88 soompi

Song Hae Gyo In the Look of a Geisha

The South Korean movie "Hwang Jin-Yi" has released its posters featuring lead actress Song Hae Gyo in the look of a geisha

Ha ji-won starring Hwang Jin-Yi role in korean TV drama version

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rain, Song Hye-kyo Promote Drama in China

Actress Song Hye-kyo and singer/actor Rain will visit China to promote their drama "Full House," which aired on KBS 2TV a few years ago in Korea.They will leave Seoul Thursday for a 3-day visit to Hunan, China, where a news conference and a fan meeting are scheduled ahead of the drama's local airing.Song's manager Na Byung-jun of Sidus HQ says inquiries by Chinese fans about their visit are pouring in.The hit drama was exported to 14 countries including Thailand, the Philippines and Taiwan.Actress Song has recently finished filming her latest movie, a film about the famous Korean courtesan Hwang Jini, while Rain is on his global concert tour.
source: kbs grobal

Monday, February 12, 2007

TV Actress Jung Da-bin Found Dead

TV korean actress Jung Da-bin was found dead last Saturday morning in the bathroom of her boyfriend’s apartment. Jung’s boyfriend said that they were out drinking the night before and came back quite drunk. He testified that he woke up to discover that Jung had hung herself with a towel in the bathroom. Although there was no suicide note, the police ruled that Jung committed suicide out of extreme stress, based on the boyfriend’s account and the absence of any signs of struggle. source: kbs grobal

About Jung Da-bin

Name: Jung Da-bin
Date of Birth: Mar. 4, 1980
Body: 165cm/43kg
Title: TV Talent
Hobbies: Dancing, singing songs, reading books and go shopping
Debut : 2002
Works appeared: Drama, ‘Rooftop Room Cat’, ‘19-year-old wife of my elder brother’
Awards: SBS Drama Awards Winner for New Star (2004)
movie: He was kool


Rest in peace Da-bin......I will remember you

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Daejanggeum" Musical to Debut on Stage This Year

A Korean historical TV drama that was a big hit in many Asian countries is now ready to move to the stage as a musical. Called "Daejanggeum" in Korea and also known as "A Jewel in the Palace," the producers are hoping to take the musical overseas after first showing it to local audiences.
Elaborate costumes, a tight plot and talented performers. The new production of "Daejanggeum" has all of those elements, and is set to hit the stage in May. The production is based on the TV drama of the same name about a woman who goes from royal chef to court physician.

“‘Daejanggeum' has aired in 50 countries, so its storyline is well-known and it has name value,” Song Seung-hwan, the musical’s producer, said. “We have here today people from a Chinese theater, a Japanese broadcaster and a Singaporean stage company. They're very interested in the musical 'Daejanggeum,' and want to show it in their countries."
The TV series set a host of records during its run in Korea between September 2003 and March 2004. It was also a hit in other Asian nations such as Taiwan, Singapore and Japan. The musical version could ride on the coattails of the Korean Wave or hallyu, and further spread Korean culture and influence throughout the world.

The musical's production company PMC is already famous for creating the hit percussion dance show "Nanta."
PMC says it'll focus on the Korean market this year with shows in July in Daegu and at Seongnam Arts Center south of Seoul in August. The company will then seek to hold performances next year in Southeast Asia and other countries.
Arirang News

Actor Lee Jun-ki to Appear on Special Chinese TV Show

Actor Lee Jun-ki has been invited to a Chinese TV show specially arranged jointly by Shanghai Dragon TV and Shanghai Media Group to celebrate the Chinese New Year. He is the only Korean star among some 300 Asian stars invited, evidence of his growing popularity in China. On the show to be aired on the Chinese New Year's day, Lee will introduce Korean food and announce his New Year resolutions. Upon hearing the news, many of his Chinese fans have excitedly made predictions about the food he will introduce, which has ranged from ginseng to kimchi, and suggestions about segments of the show in which they want him to appear. Some of his fans want him to dance or sing a song, while most of them want to see his Taekwondo skills, which he learned as a young boy. But the production team of the show said that they need to further discuss the matter with Lee because he is rather introverted.

soucre:kbs grobal

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lee Hyori's $3.7 Million Drama

korean Singer Lee Hyori is starring in a 70-minute drama. Mnet has invested $3.7 million into the production of this drama which will be filmed from the 3rd to the 20th. . Lee Dong Gun and Jung Jun Ho will be co-starring with Lee Hyori, playing roles for a love triangle.Lee Hyori is a would-be singer who has been preparing for her career for 3 years. The day before her debut she hears some shocking news which throws her into despair. Lee Dong Gun is an unemployed loafer who meets Lee Hyori by chance and the two fall in love. Jung Jun Ho plays a representative of an entertainment company who meddles in the two people’s relationship.In mid-February, Lee Hyori will be releasing 3 new songs which will also be featured in the drama’s soundtrack, attracting a variety of interests. Cha Eun Taek is the director for the music video.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Lee Dong Gun, Lee Hyo Ri, and Jung Joon Ho lead the TV Mnet 2-episode drama “Perhaps Love"

Lee Dong Gun and Jung Joon Ho will costar with Lee Hyo Ri in the 2-episode drama “Perhaps Love ” scheduled to be aired by cable channel "TV Mnet" around the end of February

LDG plays the role Jung Tae who manages activities for a rookie singer played by Lee Hyo Ri. The roles played by LDG and JJH fall in love with the heroine.

The production cost of this drama is around 5 billion Won. Other actors including Lee Bum Soo, Ha Suk Jin, Jung Eun Taek and Jung Chul will also act in this drama. The filming is scheduled to start on 2/3 near Seoul and would last for 20 days. The PD is Cha Eun Taek who has collaborated with LHR in CFs such as “Any Motion” and “Any Club”. LDG’s previous drama was “Smile Again (2006)”, and LHR’s was “Three Leaf Clover (2005)”.

credit: CindyW88 soompi