Thursday, January 31, 2008

KBS TV Drama "Hwangjinyi" to Air in Japan

The KBS TV drama "Hwangjinyi" starring actress Ha Ji-won will air in Japan in April.

The drama's production firm said Japan's NHK will air the drama from April 6 on the satellite channel NHK BS2 during prime time every Sunday, and that NHK zeroed in on the drama for its potential to boost the Korean Wave.

"Hwangjinyi" depicts the life of ancient artist Hwangjinyi. The lead actress, Ha Ji-won, has been praised for her superb acting skills in the drama.

Another KBS TV drama, "Hong Kil-dong," which is airing in Korea currently, has also drawn attention in Japan.

The firm said it has received numerous inquiries about "Hong Kil-dong" and that its lead actor, Chang Keun-seok, is to hold a fan meeting in Japan next month.

source: KBS global

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

SBS, to air Hur Young Man's "Gourmet (Shikgaek)" and "Love You"

Two of artist Hur Young Man's popular manhwa series will be aired through SBS this year.

JS Pictures announced on the 17th a deal with SBS two broadcast the drama series "Gourmet (Shikgaek)" and "Love You (Saranghae)" based on Hur Young Man's original manhwa series.

"Gourmet (Shikgaek)" is a 24-episode series starring Kim Rae Won, Nam Sang Mi, Choi Bool Ahm, with 6-episodes completed. The series is scheduled to air in April. "Love You" starring Ahn Jae Wook and Seo Ji Hye is a 16-episode series that is 90% completed with no air date set as of yet.

JS Pictures added, "Both series are planned to be completed prior to broadcasting."

The broadcast agreement is the second case after "
The Legend" where the production company holds all rights other than national terrestrial broadcast rights.

According to JS Pictures, "This is very encouraging as it is the second case following 'The Legend' where the production company has the rights to sell rights abroad and develop additional businesses based on the series. '
Gourmet' especially has been gathering the attention not only in Asia including Japan, but also the America region as it is seen as a modern version of 'Dae Jang Geum,' giving it significance in continuing the Hallyu drama trend. Sales of both series to countries in Asia and the America region have been determined."

source: Broasia

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Kim Ha Neul, to play a 20-year old with the IQ of 7-years

Kim Ha Neul will play a 20-year old lady with the IQ of a 7-year old in drama series to be produced within the upcoming SBS series "On Air."

In the series "
On Air" which follows the story of a broadcasting company, Kim Ha Neul plays the picky top actress Oh Seung Eun, and will play the role 7-year old IQ role in the "Psycho but its okay" that is produced within the series.

"Psycho but its okay" is the story of a 20-year old lady with the IQ of a 7-year old that meets a female doctor and shares friendship. "
On Air" will portray the process involving the scriptwriter, producing director, actors, and managers to create "Psycho but its okay" from start to end. Kim Ha Neul will play two roles. Oh Seung Eun who has much pride expresses her discontent with the role and argues with the writer.

Meanwhile, the production crew will leave for Taiwan on the 20th for an overseas location shoot. In Taiwan, writer Seo Yeong Eun (played by
Song Yoon Ah) leaves for a resort abroad not willing to write, and scenes of the production team within the series on an overseas shoot for "Psycho but its okay."

The "
On Air" production personnel commented, "It is practically producing two series so the production process is very interesting. Because the Taiwan shoot involves two different plots, we will be incredibly busy keeping up with the schedule."

source: Broasia

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh Ji-ho Lands Lead Role in New KBS Series

Actor Oh Ji-ho has been cast as the lead for the upcoming Mon.-Tues. KBS TV drama series 'Single Papa in Love.'
He will play 'Kang Poong-ho,' who has a 7 year old son and works as a pest exterminator during the day and a K-1 fighter at night. The optimistic single dad never loses his sense of humor under bitter trials.

Oh says he wants to encourage the 250,000 single fathers in Korea.
He will visit Japan this Saturday to promote his drama 'Oh Soo Jung,' in which he appeared opposite actress Eom Jung-hwa. 'Oh Soo Jung' will air in Japan from next month.

source: kbs global

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lee Hyo Ri makes cameo appearance in SBS series "On Air"

Singer Lee Hyo Ri is making a cameo appearance in the upcoming SBS series "On Air" which is to start airing on February 27th.

In the series "
On Air" which portrays the story of a broadcasting company, Lee Hyo Ri will appear as one of the top singers that the agent played by Lee Beom Soo once worked with. Prior to Lee Hyo Ri, Jeon Do Yeon also made a cameo appearance and has finished filming.

The production staff of "On Air" comments, "Along with Jeon Do Yeon and Lee Hyo Ri, we plan to have a continuous series of cameo appearances. It will be an unprecedented series of cameos in various scenes."

"On Air" starring Song Yoon Ah, Lee Beom Soo, Kim Ha Neul, and Park Yong Ha draws the story of a drama scriptwriter, agent, actor, and producing director portraying a drama production process from start to finish.

source: Broasia

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Moon Geun Young to play 'Shin Yoon Bok' and dress as a man

Moon Geun Young will return to the television screen after five years, this time as a 'man.'

Her agency on the 11th announced, "
Moon Geun Young has selected the drama series 'The Painter of the Wind.' She will play the role of painter Shin Yoon Bok who lived during the later days of Joseon and dress as a man.

The series which is based on the bestseller novel published last year under the same title portrays the life of the genius painter Shin Yoon bok and Kim Hong Do of later Joseon. Moon Geun Young will play the role of Shin Yoon Bok and wear traditional robe of men of the time.

Her agency adds, "The series will focus on the mystery and life hidden behind the few paintings remaining of Shin Yoon Bok. The character in the original novel also dresses as a man."

Shin Yoon Bok in the series is the daughter who is born between Seo Jing, a painter who is murdered by an unknown man, and a celebrated gisaeng who was famous for her gayageum (twelve-stringer Korean instrument). But because of the tragic incident in her youth, she takes on the life as the son of Shin Han Pyeong who is a painter of the government's painting department.

To investigate her father's questionable death, Shin Yoon Bok chooses the life as Shin Han Pyeong's son rather than Seo Jing's daughter. Kim Hong Do teachers her painting and the two develop a friendship.

Moon's agency comments, "The role of Kim Hong Do has not been cast yet and nor has the broadcaster."

However, as SBS announced in their 2008 plans to air the 20 episode "The Painter of the Wind" series late last year, SBS is seen to be the most likely broadcaster at this time.

Ku Bon Geun of SBS says, "We have plans to include 'The Painter of the Wind' in our lineup if it is possible with the production company. However, there are certain things that need to be settled to finalize the issue."

Moon Geun Young has been focusing on films since 2003 after the television series "The Wife," and has not appeared in any piece since the 2006 film release of "Love Me Not."

Moon comments, "When I first read the original novel, I thought it was only the story of two genius painters of the Joseon era, Kim Hong Do and Shin Yoon Bok. But thinking that in their paintings there may be many other mysteries hidden within their pictures, I couldn't put the book down. I hope the story of Kim Hong Do and Shin Yoon Bok that has been brought back to life through the writer's endless imagination and reasoning will give an opportunity to viewers to rethink about the two characters."

"The Painter of the Wind" will start filming in March.

source: Broasia

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tears Fall at Gong Yoo’s Final Fan-Meeting Before Enlistment

Gong Yoo was seen teary-eyed at his final fan-meeting before enlisting in the army.

Gong Yoo met with roughly a 1000 fans at the Seoul Sungkyunkwan University’s 600th Anniversary Hall on January 6th at 2pm. With plans to enter the Nonsan military training base on the 14th, Gong Yoo enjoyed some time with fans and had a chance to sing and discuss about several topics concerning various dramas.

At the fan meeting he revealed that he spent some time resting at home after 'The first shop of Coffee Prince'. He went on to say, “When I was awarded Best Actor at the MBC Drama Awards, I was so nervous that I don’t even remember what I said that night.”

He continued, "I believe that the military experience will be a great chance to grow as a person. I will be back soon, so don’t worry." With only a week left, he expressed that with the remaining time he has left, he “would like to fill a year’s worth of happiness into each day.” On this day, Gong Yoo’s fan sent a video message saying, “We hope you return as an even more sensational person.”
Gong Yoo then tearfully responded with a song by Kim Dong-Yul, ‘Thank You’, saying, “I told myself that I wasn’t going to cry, but the corners of my eyes are turning red.”

Gong Yoo ended the session by personally handing each of his 1000 fans a rose and giving them a handshake.


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Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 MBC Drama Awards

Some of the winners

The Grand Award :

Bae Yong-joon (The Legend)

Top Excellent Actors

Kim Myung-min (White Tower)

Lee Seo-jin (Yi San)

Top Excellent Actresses

Gong Hyo-jin (Thank You) and Yoon Eun-hye (Coffee Prince)

Excellent Actors

Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince) and Lee Jun-ki (Time Between Dog and Wolf)

Excellent Actresses

Han Ji-min (Yi San) and Nam Sang-mi (Time Between Dog and Wolf)

Popularity Award

Bae Yong Joon, Lee Ji Ah

photo credit to: chosun and newsen

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KBS Daily Series Top 40% Ratings

The KBS daily drama series 'Likable or Not' starring Han Ji-hye and Kim Ji-seok has reached 40% in ratings.

In a TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielsen Media survey, the ratings topped 40%, the highest yet in a self-commissioned poll and the highest among programs on all channels in the same time slot.

The drama centers on families involving remarriage in an aim to underline familial value.

Kim's confessed love toward Han and actor Jo Dong-hyuk's betrayal of his long-time love over a rich girl keep viewers tuned in every day while veteran cast members help create a balanced drama.

source: kbs global

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