Tuesday, March 06, 2007

KBS TV Program to Be Exported to Japan

KBS Media said Friday that it will sign a contract to sell the videogram rights to the KBS 2TV program “Happy Together” to Japan. Last year, it was exported to Taiwan.

A videogram right is the right to copy and distribute TV programs on all types of image carriers such as videotapes and DVDs.

The program will provide Japanese subtitles instead of being dubbed into Japanese.

Another KBS 2TV program, “Happy Sunday,” was sold to China last year, and one of its segments, “Six Heroines,” has been gaining popularity.

“So far actors and actresses have had the opportunities to rise to stardom in foreign nations through dramas, but from now on they will be able to do so through TV programs,” a KBS Media staff member said. “It is very likely that the export of programs will help the Korean Wave continue to thrive.”
source: kbs grobal

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