Monday, February 12, 2007

TV Actress Jung Da-bin Found Dead

TV korean actress Jung Da-bin was found dead last Saturday morning in the bathroom of her boyfriend’s apartment. Jung’s boyfriend said that they were out drinking the night before and came back quite drunk. He testified that he woke up to discover that Jung had hung herself with a towel in the bathroom. Although there was no suicide note, the police ruled that Jung committed suicide out of extreme stress, based on the boyfriend’s account and the absence of any signs of struggle. source: kbs grobal

About Jung Da-bin

Name: Jung Da-bin
Date of Birth: Mar. 4, 1980
Body: 165cm/43kg
Title: TV Talent
Hobbies: Dancing, singing songs, reading books and go shopping
Debut : 2002
Works appeared: Drama, ‘Rooftop Room Cat’, ‘19-year-old wife of my elder brother’
Awards: SBS Drama Awards Winner for New Star (2004)
movie: He was kool


Rest in peace Da-bin......I will remember you


Spike Enriquez said...

Ouch, it's too early for her to pass away. There are lot of things that she must do before she leave this world, but it seems to me that she thought that she had enough in this world.

Anonymous said...

uh,uh..i cant believe this,i know it's too late but why?

she's 1 of a few korean stars i really idolized!

to her family,just be strong!

for u jeong,may u have all the peace now!

Anonymous said...

Hik..why? I'm really surprise! I seldom read magz about korean artists'rumour... But, when i un accidentally open this thread, i am shocked! Jung da bin, i watched all your movies... I really like your act in cat on the roof. I'm gonna miss your smile.... Rest in peace....