Friday, February 16, 2007

Joo ji Hoon new Korean drama " The Devil "

Joo Ji Hoon and Shin Min Ah costar with Uhm Tae Woong in the KBS2 drama “The Devil

JJH plays the serial killer Seung Ho disguised as a lawyer. Seung Ho lost his family and grew up in sad and unfortunate environment. He studied hard and became a lawyer. However, he turns into a serial killer in order to take revenge on some people. SMA plays a person of “Psychometry ” which is the ability of divining information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching or being near to it. SMA’s previous drama was “A Love to Kill”, and JJH’s latest drama was “Palace”.

credit: cindyw88 soompi


Anonymous said...

i love this drama soo much!!!! great drama...ji hoon act so good!!!

swe said...


I see your face in prince and hours at first time. your face very cold but your heart will warm i believe.i want your give me?
i hope your email address. i told many about.......

your sister

tashi s said...

u luk lik a real prince i jus lub u joo ji hoom sarangeyo<3<3<3