Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Top 10 dramas by viewer rating since 2000

What 'hit dramas' were born in the new millennium?

In a research conducted based on data from January 1st of the year 2000 to the 26th of this month, TNS Media Korea ranked MBC's 'Dae Jang Geum' to be at the top with a 41.6% viewer rating average. Following in second was 'Lovers in Paris' of SBS which aired in the summer of 2004 at 41.5%. MBC's 'Jumong' which will end soon after breaking the 50% viewer rating line ranked third with a 40.6% average viewer rating.

MBC's 'My Lovely Sam-Soon' which brought about the '
Sam-Soon' craze in the summer of 2005 ranked fourth at 37.7% while 'Tae Jo Wang Geon' of KBS, despite airing over a period of a year and eleven months, ranked fifth with a 37.3% average viewer rating.

'Jinshil' that starred
Choi Ji Woo and Ryu Shi Won back in 2000 ranked 6th with a 36.9% average viewer rating while 'My Rosy Life' starring Choi Jin Shil ranked 7th with 34.2%, followed by 'Stairway to Heaven' of SBS with 33.9%.

'All In' (2003) and 'Successful Story of a Bright Girl' (2002) both aired on SBS ranked within the top ten with an average 33.7% viewer rating.

If the highest viewer rating surpasses 50%, the series is generally called a 'national drama,' yet observing the average viewer rating allows comparisons of which
drama series had a constant level of popularity.

In the case of 'Tae Jo Wang Geon,' it is notable in that it ranked 5th among series that usually end in two to three months. 'Dae Jang Geum' and 'Jumong' both also aired and have been aired for more than six and nine months respectively but still managed to rank among the top ten.

While 'Jumong' is a special case in that it is still being aired, there are only two episodes remaining with high expectations for the conclusion. It is projected to retain its position as third even after the last episode has aired.

Director Chae Jae Woong of TNS Media Korea commented, "While the highest viewer rating is only instantaneous, the average viewer rating truly shows the popularity of the series and therefore ones with high average viewer ratings can be considered a 'hit drama.' It is especially difficult for regular
drama series whose lengths exceed miniseries by more than several times to maintain a high average viewer rating.

source: broasia

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Where is Autmn Tale ( endless Love)????? i think Endless love rating is higher than My lovely sam soon??? endless love should be number 4 with average rating 38.6%....