Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Actor Lee Jun-ki to Appear on Special Chinese TV Show

Actor Lee Jun-ki has been invited to a Chinese TV show specially arranged jointly by Shanghai Dragon TV and Shanghai Media Group to celebrate the Chinese New Year. He is the only Korean star among some 300 Asian stars invited, evidence of his growing popularity in China. On the show to be aired on the Chinese New Year's day, Lee will introduce Korean food and announce his New Year resolutions. Upon hearing the news, many of his Chinese fans have excitedly made predictions about the food he will introduce, which has ranged from ginseng to kimchi, and suggestions about segments of the show in which they want him to appear. Some of his fans want him to dance or sing a song, while most of them want to see his Taekwondo skills, which he learned as a young boy. But the production team of the show said that they need to further discuss the matter with Lee because he is rather introverted.

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