Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lee Hyori's $3.7 Million Drama

korean Singer Lee Hyori is starring in a 70-minute drama. Mnet has invested $3.7 million into the production of this drama which will be filmed from the 3rd to the 20th. . Lee Dong Gun and Jung Jun Ho will be co-starring with Lee Hyori, playing roles for a love triangle.Lee Hyori is a would-be singer who has been preparing for her career for 3 years. The day before her debut she hears some shocking news which throws her into despair. Lee Dong Gun is an unemployed loafer who meets Lee Hyori by chance and the two fall in love. Jung Jun Ho plays a representative of an entertainment company who meddles in the two people’s relationship.In mid-February, Lee Hyori will be releasing 3 new songs which will also be featured in the drama’s soundtrack, attracting a variety of interests. Cha Eun Taek is the director for the music video.

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