Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sung Hyun Ah, Lee Jae Ryong and Choi Jin Shil costar in MBC daily drama "Bad Woman, Good Woman

korean Actor Lee Jae Ryong and korean actress Sung Hyun Ah will join Choi Jin Shil to perform in the daily drama “Bad Woman, Good Woman scheduled to be aired by MBC in January of 2007.
This drama portrays that the courageous heroine Se Young played by Choi Jin Shil, tries to maintain the weak and dangerous relationship with her husband after she learned the fact of his extramarital affairs. LJR plays CJS’s role’s husband Kun Woo who has extramarital affairs with the role Suh Kyung played by SHA. Suh Kyung’s husband is played by korean actor Jun Noh Min .

The PD is Lee Dae Young whose latest drama was “Be Tough, Geum Soon (MBC)”. The script writer is Lee Hong Goo who wrote for dramas including “The Land (, SBS)” and “M”. The filming is scheduled to begin in November.

credit:CindyW88 soompi

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