Sunday, November 12, 2006

Park Eun Hye will perform in MBC daily drama Bad Woman, Good Woman

11/7/06 – Park Eun Hye 28) will costar with Choi Jin Shil, Lee Jae Ryong, and Sung Hyun Ah in the daily korean drama “Bad Woman, Good Woman ” scheduled to be aired by MBC in January of 2007.

She plays the role Song Ji Woo who is the main male character Song Gun Woo (played by Lee Jae Ryong)’s younger sister. Ji Woo is a career woman working as a production PD. Ji Woo’s elder brother has been living double life with two women, one is his wife (played by CJS) and another is his mistress (played SHA), for six years. The representative of the production team states, “Park Eun Hye’s peculiar elegance could present the modern charm of the character Ji Woo very well. Thus she is selected to play this role.”
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