Wednesday, November 15, 2006

prince hours (goong 2 palace 2) interview

Main leads of Goong 2 interview
Main leads of Goong 2, I got casted without knowing
The main leads of MBC Drama Goong 2, which will be shown in january next yr, came together through the autumn special Great! MBC program.
Se7en, Heo yi jae, kang doo, park shin hye talked about their own characters and about filming.
Se7en: the character Lee Hoo is optimistic and lives by principles but also jokes around alot. It seems like this character suits me

Park Shin hye This is the 3rd time the 4 of us have met. It feels good that the four of us are communicating to each other well.

Se7en's first impression towards Park shin hye and Heo yi jea I first saw them on internet news and seeing them in real life is cool

Kang doo Before the news came out, i didnt konw who i would play against. I searched on the internet and found out.

Se7en I found out that i was in the drama only after i read the news. I saw the leads and thought Ah so that's how it's turned out to be! . When i read about the Lee hoo character, i thought Wow, that's me! he said laughing.

Great MBC will be shown on the 4th at 5:40pm

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