Friday, November 17, 2006

Korean Song to be Used for Hollywood Movie

A Korean singer’s song will be used as the closing song of a Hollywood film to be shown in Korea. “Last Game” from Jang Woo-hyuck’s second album has been chosen to end the action fantasy film “Night at the Museum” by Shawn Levy.

The director himself participated in the selection of the dance hip-hop song among other Korean songs that the film’s Korean distributor, 20th Century Fox Korea, recommended to its headquarters.

Starring Ben Stiller and Robin Williams, “Night at the Museum” depicts an extraordinary phenomenon where animals and insects on display at a natural history museum come alive every night. Some 150 million dollars was spent to bring them to life on the screen

Sponge Entertainment, Jang’s agency, said that they are very pleased with the selection because it is very rare for a Korean song to be used for a Hollywood film.

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