Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ryu Si-won to Appear on NHK Drama

Actor Ryu Si-won, who is seeing growing popularity in Japan, will be the first Korean star to act in a drama on the island country’s public broadcaster NHK. The Japanese press said Wednesday that the Korean actor will appear in the daily morning drama “Getting Clearer” to be aired from April 2 next year.
Dealing with the struggle of an urban woman working at an old inn in the country to succeed as a businesswoman, the drama will feature Ryu for one week as a Korean star staying at the inn. He has already finished shooting his segment in Japan. This is the second time that he has appeared in a Japanese TV drama since September last year.

The Korean actor is also working as a singer in Japan and will appear on “Music Station,” the famous music program of Asahi TV, on Dec. 10.

The Chunichi Shimbun reported that Ryu, who made a successful debut in Japan with the single album “Sakura (Cherry Blossom),” is very likely to be invited to appear on NHK’s year-end all-star program, which Masahiro Nakai, the leader of the popular Japanese group SMAP, and leading actress Yukie Nakama have already been chosen to host.

Meanwhile, some Korean entertainers have appeared on Japanese dramas produced by private broadcasters such as Fuji TV and TBS, but not on NHK.

source:kbs global

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