Saturday, April 19, 2008

Big 4 Actresses, Television U-Turn 'War of the Stars'

The comebacks of four top actresses are drawing attention. The actresses include Kim Ji-soo, Son Ye-jin, Kim Seon-ah, and Kim Hee-seon.

Their breaks have been at least two years and at most three years. Kim Ji-soo and Son Ye-jin have focused on movies, and Kim Hee-seon and Kim Seon-ah have been taking breaks while searching for a comeback project.

Kim Ji-soo is coming back in May with KBS drama "Woman of the Sun". It's been three years since MBC drama "Age of Hero" in 2005.

Kim Ji-soo plays Shin Do-young, an announcer who holds a secret of her birth. She has the looks, knowledge, and skill, but always feels burdened by the secret of her birth.

Son Ye-jin's comeback work is
MBC drama "Spotlight", which will start in May. It has been two years since SBS drama "Alone in Love".

Son Ye-jin plays Seo Woo-jin, who begins as a reporter and moves up to become an anchor. This drama will be playing at the same time as Kim Ji-soo's drama "Woman of the Sun", and a competition is inevitable.

Kim Seon-ah, who has been struggling with bad rumors, was cast as the main female role for "When It's At Night",the drama after "Lee San". It's been three years since her popular drama "My Name is Kim Sam-soon".

Kim Seon-ah plays Cho-hee, who works at the security department for cultural artifacts. The male character is played by Lee Dong-geon, who recently lost his brother to an attack. After acting with Hyeon Bin, she will be acting once again with a younger man.

Kim Hee-seon is also planning to come back from resting after marrying Park Joo-young, the second son of RakSan Group, last October. It is a drama hoping to air in the first half of the year.

It's been two years since her SBS drama "Smile Again". After her marriage, there were rumors about her retiring, and fans couldn't hide their gladness at the news of her comeback.

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