Saturday, January 19, 2008

SBS, to air Hur Young Man's "Gourmet (Shikgaek)" and "Love You"

Two of artist Hur Young Man's popular manhwa series will be aired through SBS this year.

JS Pictures announced on the 17th a deal with SBS two broadcast the drama series "Gourmet (Shikgaek)" and "Love You (Saranghae)" based on Hur Young Man's original manhwa series.

"Gourmet (Shikgaek)" is a 24-episode series starring Kim Rae Won, Nam Sang Mi, Choi Bool Ahm, with 6-episodes completed. The series is scheduled to air in April. "Love You" starring Ahn Jae Wook and Seo Ji Hye is a 16-episode series that is 90% completed with no air date set as of yet.

JS Pictures added, "Both series are planned to be completed prior to broadcasting."

The broadcast agreement is the second case after "
The Legend" where the production company holds all rights other than national terrestrial broadcast rights.

According to JS Pictures, "This is very encouraging as it is the second case following 'The Legend' where the production company has the rights to sell rights abroad and develop additional businesses based on the series. '
Gourmet' especially has been gathering the attention not only in Asia including Japan, but also the America region as it is seen as a modern version of 'Dae Jang Geum,' giving it significance in continuing the Hallyu drama trend. Sales of both series to countries in Asia and the America region have been determined."

source: Broasia

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