Thursday, January 31, 2008

KBS TV Drama "Hwangjinyi" to Air in Japan

The KBS TV drama "Hwangjinyi" starring actress Ha Ji-won will air in Japan in April.

The drama's production firm said Japan's NHK will air the drama from April 6 on the satellite channel NHK BS2 during prime time every Sunday, and that NHK zeroed in on the drama for its potential to boost the Korean Wave.

"Hwangjinyi" depicts the life of ancient artist Hwangjinyi. The lead actress, Ha Ji-won, has been praised for her superb acting skills in the drama.

Another KBS TV drama, "Hong Kil-dong," which is airing in Korea currently, has also drawn attention in Japan.

The firm said it has received numerous inquiries about "Hong Kil-dong" and that its lead actor, Chang Keun-seok, is to hold a fan meeting in Japan next month.

source: KBS global

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