Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Witch Yoo-Hee vs Goong S, Kim Jung Hoon new Drama!

Kim Jung Hoon of ‘Goong’ joins the cast of ‘Witch Yoo-hee’, a rival drama to ‘Goong S News En Reporter, Kim Eun-Goo] Singer/Actor Kim Jung Hoon (KJH), who played one of the main characters in MBC’s hit drama, ‘Goong’, has unsheathed a sword against new MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama series, ‘Goong S’. Although KJH hasn’t formally signed the contract, he has verbally agreed to join the cast of ‘Witch Yoo-hee’, a rival drama to ‘Goong S’, and plans to start script rehearsals as soon as the 12th.

Since ‘Witch Yoo-hee’ will premiere on March 14, two rivaling dramas will overlap only two episodes, but the main characters from both dramas share common backgrounds as Ee Hoo (played by Seven) of ‘Goong S’ starts off as a Chinese restaurant delivery person and Chae Moo-ryong (played by Jae Hee) of ‘Witch Yoo-hee’ is an aspiring chef whose father is a famous Chinese chef. Hwang Een-reh, the producer of ‘Goong’ and ‘Goong S’, and Jeon Ghee-sahng, the producer of ‘My Girl’ and ‘Witch Yoo-hee’, have already been rivals once before with their previous dramas, ‘Goong’ and ‘My Girl’, respectively.

Producer Hwang is said to be KJH’s mentor as ‘Goong’ has made KJH famous as an actor, but it looks like he will star in Hwang’s rival drama.
In ‘Witch Yoo-hee’, KJH plays Dr. Yoo Joon-hah, an ex-boyfriend of heroine Ma Yoo-hee, played by Hahn Gah-een. Not being able to overcome their differences in social class, Yoo leaves for America after breaking up with Ma, but, upon his return, tries to win her back.

‘Witch Yoo-hee’ is a fusion romantic comedy about Ma, a successful career woman with absolutely no talent in love, and Chae, a striving intern chef with a superb sense of taste, who tries to coach Ma how to succeed in love.

Credits: Korean to English Translated by 3M
source:asianfanatics forum

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