Friday, January 12, 2007

"Goong S" audience rating 14.7%, 2nd place
Source: Innolife + Digital YTN + Joynews24 + Inews24

The MBC korean drama "Goong S", facing a suit regarding the use of the title and broadcast of the drama, has attracted the interest of teenage viewers with its first broadcast.

According to an audience rating research agency AGB Neilsen Media Research, "Goong S", which was first broadcasted on January 10, recorded a nationwide rating of 14.7%. The MBC drama ranked next to the SBS drama "Sweetheart", which recorded 19.8%. Per area, "Goong S" registered 16.5% at the national capital region while in the Seoul region, it recorded 13.2%. When classified in age, "Goong S" attracted 17% teenagers, 15% viewers in their 30s, 13% in their 40s, 12% in their 20s and 6% in their 50s. The drama's viewers are mostly female teenagers.

Viewers had high interests on Se7en's acting.
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