Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Old Crown Prince Joo Ji Hoon VS New Crown Prince Se7en

What is common between Se7en and Joo Ji Hoon? They are both Crown princes of MBC.

But the first Crown prince was Joo Ji Hoon. From January 11 to March 30 2006, Joo Ji Hoon played a Crown prince in the MBC drama "Palace" and caught women's hearts.

Joo Ji Hoon received a lot of criticisms because people taught he did not fit the role. However, as "Palace" started, such criticisms were erased. Joo was even given a "New Actor" award in the recently concluded MBC Drama Awards, proving that the Crown prince syndrome is still alive.

Joo Ji Hoon's Crown prince image is totally different with "Palace S"'s new Crown prince. Our new prince is the lucky guy Se7en, who plays the role of a Chinese restaurant delivery man who later learns that he is from the Royal family.

Se7en even cut short his 4th album activities so he can concentrate with the drama. The expectations of fans are only natural because this will be his first acting project.

"Palace S" starts airing on January 10 at 9:55 pm. It will be fun comparing the refined Crown prince Joo Ji Hoon with the raw Crown prince Se7en in this funny drama.

Source: newsen

Credit: Se7enth Heaven + Forever_Charmed @ AF

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