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[ Korean Drama 2008 ] Worlds Within

Episodes: 16

Broadcast network:
Broadcast period:
2008-Oct-27 to 2008-Dec-16
Air time:
Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Official site:

Hyun Bin as Jung Ji Oh
Song Hye Kyo as Joo Joon Young
Uhm Ki Joon as Song Gyu Ho
Seo Hyo Rim as Jang Hae Jin


Broadcasting station, especially television drama production, is often called as the core of desire and materialism. TV station is the place of envy for many people, but they also criticize it as the place where unethical thoughts are generalized. However, those who work in drama production team are not different from us; they are common people who need love and care just like others. Most of Korean dramas are focused on family problems and troubled relationships between lovers. However, for the moderners, workplace is where they spend most of their time. If one fails to build decent relationships with others in his workplace, it would be hard to read his life as a success. “Worlds Within” will bring out the stories of drama production staffs; the warm, touching stories of their love and life.

Hyeon Bin (
Jung Ji Oh )
He is acute, righteous, humane, warm-hearted, and passionate. He is also the envy of his juniors. Two miniseries, which he produced in the last three years, had good ratings and were highly acclaimed for their quality. Now, he is producing another miniseries which has a good quality and high ratings.

Song Hye-kyo (
Joo Joon Young)
She finished the harsh period as an assistant producer six months ago. Two short dramas which she produced lately received a favorable evaluation and enjoyed high ratings. As she was awarded a prize at a drama festival held in foreign country, she became a new producer of note.
She is straightforward, passionate, delightful, firm, and cool. But, through her parents, she has learned early how thin and futile trust can be between people. Knowing that, she cannot decide what to do in the relationship with Jio which obviously has ended while her heart just aches.



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