Saturday, December 05, 2009

Park Eun-hye to make comeback on TV

Korean actress Park Eun-hye
is set to make a comeback to the small screen in a new morning drama, according to her agency on Thursday.

Returning to television after a two-year hiatus, the actress will be play the lead role in MBC's morning soap "Pink Lipstick", Forestar Entertainment said in a press release.

She will play the character of Yoo Ga-eun, who plots revenge after getting betrayed by her husband and friend.

"She thought a lot about choosing the next character as she had been away from the screen for some time," an official at Forestar was quoted as saying. "She chose to play the femme fatal role in "Pink Lipstick" because she had never played such part before and wanted to show viewers a different side to her."

Park, who attended the first reading sessions yesterday with her co-stars, said about the role, "My character, who was a good-hearted person in the beginning, gradually turns into an evil person and the story will unfold convincingly."

The actress rose to fame throughout Asia in 2003 with a supporting role in hit MBC TV series "Jewel in the Palace", which starred Hallyu star Lee Young-ae.

"Lipstick" is scheduled to start airing on January 4.

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