Sunday, December 20, 2009

Korea’s ‘Little Brother’ Set to Turn into Rebellious Teenager

The young rising actor Yoo Seung-ho will transform into a rebellious teenager in the new KBS2 drama “Master of Study” scheduled to air from January 4, 2010. He is expected to project tough, manly images he has never shown before. He has been dubbed the “nation’s little brother” with romantic and sweet images that have made the hearts of many women throb.

Most of all, his appearance has changed. Yoo showed up at the first shoot wearing earrings and sporting a striking hairstyle. He has abandoned his typically neatly-trimmed short hair to have one side of it cropped completely, leaving only the other side remaining. He reportedly chose the new hairstyle after trying several styles to find the perfect one for his character.

Yoo’s agency said, “Yoo’s given serious thought to changing his looks to shake off his ‘cute younger brother’ image. He will feature a new fashion style with clothes specially made for his role.”

Based on the Japanese mangaDragon Sakura” by Mita Norifusa, “Master of Study” deals with five problematic students from a remedial high school who have no interest in learning but get to join a special class that aims to send them to a top-notch university. Yoo will play Hwang Baek-hyeon, the leader of the five boys who was raised by his grandmother after his parents died in an accident when he was young.

source: KBS Global

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