Monday, December 22, 2008

Choi Ji-woo Makes First Appearance in 'Period Drama'

It may come as a surprise that Choi Ji-woo has made her first appearance in a period drama in her 14-year acting career with the role of a traditional entertainer or gisaeng. But it happened in the new, contemporary melodrama "Star's Lover." The SBS show started on Dec. 10, and Choi plays a role of top actress Lee Ma-ri.

It is, in other words, only a role within a role. The scene sets off her beauty in traditional clothes and a folding screen with ume flowers. With her hair braided up, Choi looks like a painting that has just come alive. Production staff said Choi looks as if the legendary Chosun-era gisaeng Hwang Jin-yi came back to life.

Although Choi only appears only for a few seconds in this outfit, she spent three hours in makeup and getting dressed. "It was a bit disappointing as it was such a short scene, but now one of my dreams has come true: I've made my first appearance in a period drama," Choi said.


Source: Chosun

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