Thursday, July 19, 2007

Historical Korean Drama "The Legend" To Film On Anmyun Island

Choongnam Development Agency said on the 17th that the historical fantasy drama, "The Legend," which will air this September on MBC, will be filmed on Anmyun Island in the tourist attraction areas.

In order for this event, the Choongnam Development Agency arranged an agreement with a construction company in the area to build open sets and the like. The construction received cooperation from Tae An district and Choongnam Island to have a filming location, and the construction company will look after the sets.

The open sets will film war scenes, and along with the open sets in Jeju Island, these are expected to become new tourist attractions.

According to the Choongnam Development Agency, this upcoming filming will become a great opportunity for Anmyun Island to gain recognition, and as a consequence, it will also help the tourism business for the island.

"The Legend" is a historical fantasy
drama about the 19th king of Goguryeo and his love and life events. It is gaining interest for its director and writer, Kim Jong Hak and Song Ji Na from the drama, "Hourglass," and the appearances from top national stars such as Bae Yong Joon, Choi Min Soo, Moon So Ri, Park Sang Won, etc.

source: Broasia

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Anonymous said...

gave it 8.5 out of 10. BYJ made a successful comeback. BYJ minus mustache and beard looked more adorable than ever.
However, this kdrama is the type where the ending story is rather inconclusive, leaving me (non korean) clueless as to what happened to the great king. Did he die or what? Was the great king in the process of banishing Lady Kiha, or liberating her.

Anonymous said...

The story line is creative, cinematograpy is fantastic,props are great, not forgeting Bae yong jun and other great casts.
I have problem on the ending though.. it should elaborate on other important plots such as Sujini, Overlord etc..? what happen to them?? aarggg!!! Anyways, I LOVE THE THEME SONG!!

chee kin said...

Same here. Love the show from beginning to almost end. The ending is a little frustrating as I am not sure what really happens and what about the love between BYJ and SuJini. And what about the other owners of the magical powers? Did they all die and who does Bae likes in the end? The lady Kiha or SuJini?

Anonymous said...

loved the show. engaging, full of drama and evoking strong emotions. couldn't stop watching, especially the first battles of the king.
the ending was a bit disappointing though cos the duo did not end up together having been separated for so long...
but if you look back some episodes, it kind of gives us an explanation of what happened in the end and suggests that it may happen. there was an ancient scroll on the heavenly bow that a general from later Yan handed to the king. his advisors asked him to destroy the scroll cos it revealed that the 4 symbols and the hevenly bow may be destroyed and the jooshin king will demise with the destruction of the heavenly bow.
and right from the beginning, we see that the king had no strong desire to rule, but only the strong wish to protect his people, hence forced to undetake the role of the king. he later also declared that he hated to the 4 symbols and the jooshin king, for he had lost a lot because of them..

Anonymous said...

as usual, korean drama had a clueless ending!! eerghh!! The stories are good and sometimes superb but alas... believe me you will be getting a dissppointed ending. Weather its too "abrupt!" or just "hey,what going on here?". and same as this beautiful drama Legend. By the way I like watching BYJ without facial hair. he look beautiful like Japanese anime character. So innocent, sweet and yet a brave one.

Houa said...

true, BYJ minus mustache and beard looked more adorable! IM LOVING THE LONG HEAR WITH BANGS!!! *sighs* TO DIE FOR!!! but yeh i was clueless at the ending. I love every love scene with BYJ and Sujini! i keep on replaying it every time! LOVE IT! I was disappointed that Sujini didn't know or didn't have any feelings for the Blue guardian. I wish they could have something together! Also, I wish BYJ and Sujini would have more of love scenes when he finally found her. But overall the drama was GREAT! LOVE TO SEE MORE OF BYJ!!

Anonymous said...

I am korean, and when i finished watching this drama, is was really disappointed in the ending. However, the drama ending was improvised, because Bae Young Joon was injured while filming, and the drama was cut off. There was supposed to be another ending... one where all the main characters didn't die...... so sad!!!