Monday, July 09, 2007

Actor Lee Jun-ki; No Longer Just a Pretty Boy

I met actor Lee Jun-ki (25 years old) near Incheon Harbor, which was filled with large containers and cranes and the scent of the salty air from the sea on July 3 . He was shooting an MBC TV soap opera, The Time of Dogs and Wolves, or Gae-wa Neukdae-ui Shigan in Korean (airing at 9:55 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays), which will hit the airwaves on July 18. He seemed very tired from the extreme hot and humid weather and lit a cigarette when he spoke.

“It is less hot and humid here than when I was shooting in Thailand. It is physically hard but I am more concerned about how I can become absorbed into my character.”

In the TV drama, main character Lee Su-hyeon (played by Lee Jun-ki) becomes a secret agent to take revenge for his mother’s death on the Thai criminal organization “Chungbang.” He disguises himself as Kay, a gangster, and infiltrates into the organized crime ring. Lee said about Soo-hyun, “He is wild but very gentle in love. His personality is very similar to me as he is very insistent and unyielding.”

Lee added, “Su-hyeon can be sometimes sad, happy, vengeful, and loving. This is the most emotional and moodiest character I have ever played, so it is hard for me to become Su-hyeon.”

This new drama has many action scenes such as participating in a Muay Thai competition or fighting with gangsters. He looks completely opposite from Gong-gil, the pretty clown that he played in the movie the King and the Clown. He said, “I am very careful not to be too stylish nor put on much make-up.” He cuts his hair, which covered his entire neck before, as well.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not shocked about it because I can see his bad boy look in the korean drama "My Girl".....I wish that he will succeed his carrer....^_^

Anonymous said...

I've seen this drama and strongly suggest u all to watch it too!!

It's so GOOOOOD!! ^_^

smart zon said...

Jun Ki, u r extremely smart in "The time between dog and wolf ". I wanna see u in such dramas. I promise I always like u. :) JUNE :)

Anonymous said...

Jun ki, ( K) , u r extremely smart in "The time between dog and wolf " . I wanna see u in such dramas. I promise I always like u ! May u be always famous, success, happy & healthy throughout ur whole life! :)
Smart Zon :)