Saturday, August 13, 2011

[ Korean Drama 2010 ] The Thorn Birds

Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2011-Mar-2 to 2011-May-05
Air time: Wed.& Thu 21.55
Han Hye-Jin as Seo Jeong-eun
Joo Sang-Wook as Lee Young-Jo
Kim Min-Jung as Han Yoo-kyeong
Seo Do-Yeong as Choi Kang-Woo

Jeong-Eun has been searching for her biological mother who had abandoned her since birth. Jeong-Eun and Young-Jo become close friends because they share the pain of growing up without a mother. Jeong-Eun's friend Yoo-Gyeong, however, is jealous of their relationship. At the age of 25, Jeong-Eun works as a part-time actress while waiting for her mother to find her. On the other hand, Yoo-Gyeong struggles for her debut as a film director and meets producer Young-Jo. Yoo-Gyeong seduces Young-Jo after discovering that he is an heir of a conglomerate and then gets pregnant. But when Young-Jo gives up on the family inheritance, she coldly cuts him off from her life. When Yoo-Gyeong goes into labor and is carried to the hospital due to premature birth, she registers herself as "Jeong-Eun". And when Yoo-Gyeong finally finds her biological mother, who is old, sick, and poor, she abandoned the mother and the baby. Jeong-Eun, who is desperate to have a family, takes Yoo-Gyeong's baby in and visits Yoo-Gyeong's mother Myung-Ja. And by doing so, Yoo-Gyeong changes her fate by pretending to be Myung-Ja's daughter.



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