Friday, October 22, 2010

Han Hyo Joo: ‘I Like to Sing Mess Songs’

Actor Han Hyo Joo sang her own song passionately when she appeared on the episode of “Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook” that will air on October 22.

Han revealed that she liked to write and compose her own songs as her hobby.

She came to a café located in Samcheongdong in Seoul on October 20 for an interview with reporters, and said, “I cannot sing very well, but I do have a hobby to compose songs and sing those songs. I usually play the guitar while singing a butchered song at home alone while immersed in my own feelings.” She continued, “There are a few songs that I wrote and composed myself. I used to record melodies that suddenly came into my head when singing to myself, but after I had bought an electronic keyboard, I could easily compose songs by using the software that can write music simply by inputting the melody on the keyboard.”

She will sing three songs along with the group “No Reply” at the Green Mint Festival, which will be held at the Olympic Stadium from October 23 to 24. In addition, Han Hyo Joo also plans to appear on the KBS program ”Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook,” which will be aired on October 22 at 12:35 pm. On the program, she will song her own song that she has written and composed entitled “You’re My Sweater.” Han, who had already filmed the program on October 19, said, “I usually sing alone at home, so it was the first time that I introduced my own song to the public. MC Yu Huiyeol evaluated my song as a ‘hook song’ that is lively and cheerful, and continuously repeated it.”

She added, “I am worried about whether people regard me as a good singer and a good music composer. I just like to sing as my own hobby and I have no plans to release an album.”


Jingles said...

She has beautiful voice with this she is also pretty i just want to say her very best of luck.

Anonymous said...

does she have an official fans club here at the philippines?

Anonymous said...

Sooo talented... No doubt....