Monday, August 23, 2010

Micky Yoochun Debuts as Actor: ‘I Felt Pressure’

"I had felt pressure before I began acting.” -Micky Yoochun

In the production presentation of the KBS drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” which was held at the W Hotel located in Kwangjingu on August 17, Micky Yoochun confessed that he had felt pressure before he had made his debut as an actor. He seemed to be nervous as he said, “If the feeling was just the pressure that people tend to feel when they start something new, I would have felt glad, but it was more likely the pressure coming from the stress; I had a heavy heart before I began acting.”

Micky Yoochun will take a shot as an actor for the first time by playing the role of Lee Sun Joon, the only son in a noble family during the era of King Jeongjo in the Chosun dynasty. Sun Joon is a principled person with the sprit of scholarly fidelity and he combines both a good appearance and knowledge.

Micky Yoochun revealed that he himself had an open-minded and liberal personality, so he was far from a principled person, but when he considered that Sun Joon felt pressured from something unknown, he could say that he might be very similar to the character Sun Joon. He said, “The reason why Sun Joon had become a principled person was his father. I felt empathy with Sun Joon, who was feeling pressured by his surroundings. I also had felt pressure from my work so far. It was not the pressure originating from the feeling as a star singer, but it was more like the feeling that I was losing myself, which was not what I wanted to and intended to. But, I could reduce the pressure while I was acting. Right now, I am feeling very pleasant because I can act and involuntarily fall into acting while filming this drama.”

Since his debut in 2004, he has kept the top place as a member of the most popular male singing group, so adjusting to acting was not an easy task for him at all.

Micky Yoochun said, “As I am acting for the first time, I feel that acting for filming is totally different from acting for practicing. Expressing emotions is very difficult, but at the same time, it is very exciting. When I learned how to perform action scenes from the action director, I could picture the action scenes in my mind like dance choreography. But, as I cannot express the movement like the choreography, I tried my best to perform the actions like a real character by accepting advice from the action director.”

Regarding the name that he used in the drama title, Park Yoochun, he said, “I do not think that you need to differentiate the singer Micky Yoochun in the group Dong Bang Shin Ki from the actor Park Yoochun.”

And he did not hide his longing to stand on the stage as a singer. He said, “Not long ago, I held a concert in Japan and I could hold the microphone for a long interval after that. At that time, I felt a longing for the stage and singing. I really miss performances as a singer, and I still cannot get over the feeling of longing. My fans might have to wait for a long time from now on, and I hope that they will just enjoy this situation instead of thinking that they are waiting for me.”

Micky Yoochun said that he did not have any specific character that he wanted to play because he just wanted to be devoted to whatever role that he takes.

He said, "I have never cared about the viewer ratings. It is my first time, so I am very nervous. It would be very good if the ratings reach as high as fifteen percent. I do not have any desire for an award, but as I have already felt as a singer, I do not want to be listed as a nominee for any award if I do not win that award (laugh). But if I can win a prize with acting, the feeling would be very good and something new.”

source: KBS Global


lidya said...

Hi! Mickey i think ur acting is pretty good. It suits u pretty well. I m a big fan of you and also of the Shungyukwan Scandle drama. It is a pretty interesting drama, keep it up. "fighting".

Zilola said...

Hello! I'm spending my time watching the darama "Sungyukwan Scandal", and I've already watched this drama 3 times. And my interests about Korea and Korean language is rising better and better. I do want to thank all actors and film directors. Wish you GOOD LUCK on your work!!!
I desire to meet Park Yoo Chun one day!! Wish him to be the best and themost famous actor and singer all around the world!! Hwaiting!