Saturday, May 29, 2010

[ Korean Drama 2006 ] Trees in Heaven

Romance, Drama
Episodes: 10

Broadcast network:
Broadcast period:
2006-Feb-08 to 2006-Mar-09
Air time:
Wednesday & Thursday at 21:55


Lee Wan as Yoon Suh
Park Shin Hye as Hana
Asami Reina as Maya
Uchida Asahi as Fujiwara Ryu


One afternoon when there was a very heavy snowstorm, Hana, (18, 11th grade in high school) was sitting on the 2nd floor restaurant where one can see the airport runway from a distance.

It was the day that her mother was coming back with her new husband from Korea. Hana, who was waiting in the airport, saw a snowman that someone had made. It was a snowman that was in the midst of all the snow that fell around it… Hana went to the 1st floor and there was her mother with her new father. Hana greeted him, and then turned her gaze to the snowman outside. At that moment, her new father called someone over. The guy turned around to see her. Her mother introduced him to her as her new brother. Yoon-seo… The moment she saw his empty stare with snow all around his body, her heart began to beat fast. Her warm breath blew out of her mouth in a white mist.

source: SBS Global



MY HEART said...

I've already wacth this kdrama. so sad yet awsome.. every episode i always cried.. oh my god!! sad ending...

esther said...

i really love the character of lee wan, the more i looked at him i feel ma heart 'saying oh how i longed 2 see him atleast once in my live time'then i heard my head saying thear r lots of girls woh love him 2 death,again my heart reaplied 'y could'nt i b as lucky mary in the movie,'another story of cindella?

esther said...

i won't say ilov u,i love ur look bla bla bla cause i don't wan't 2 bore u i just want 2 wish u best of luck n pray that next year onwards u b the worlds most handsom men,n i also wish 2 b mary in the movie'another story of cinderella'blog author pliz let lee won see this message.