Sunday, April 05, 2009

'Boys over Flowers' Draws Its Curtain

A party was held on Wednesday to mark the show's ending.

The KBS2 mega hit drama “Boys over Flowers” ended its three-month run on Tuesday. To celebrate its success, the drama team held a party at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul on Wednesday.

Lee Min-ho, who played one of the protagonists, Gu Jun-pyo, said, “We had spent most of our time together while shooting it for five months, so we got really close and got to share lots of good memories. I will not be able to forget it because I enjoyed huge popularity, more than I deserved. I am really happy.”

Ku Hye-sun, who played the female leading role of Geum Jan-di, said, “I was happy to appear in the drama. It was hard to work under a tight schedule as the shooting usually continued into the night, almost every night, but it was a great experience.”

Kim Hyun-joong, who played another protagonist, Yoon Ji-whoo, said, “This was the first work I took part in after turning actor from singer, and I am so happy that it succeeded. I will always try to give my best whatever I do.” He watched the last episode with his fans.

Kim Joon and Kim Beom, who played the other two protagonists, Song Woo-bin and So Ih-jeong, also shared their feelings by saying, “I feel so lucky that I could make an acting debut through this great drama,” and “Living as So Ih-joeng for the last several months was a great pleasure to me.”

The cast and crew said it was challenging for all of them to be part of the drama since the shooting took place at various local and overseas locations, including New Caledonia and Macau.

Meanwhile, the team took a moment to pay a tribute to Jang Ja-yeon, one of the casting members, who committed suicide on March 7. Song Byung-joon, the president of production company Group Eight, said, “I had wished only good things to happen to all of you while shooting the drama, but it seems that my wish was not realized. But still I wish you all the best and appreciate what you’ve done for the drama.”

Song had to beat out many rivals to obtain the right to turn the Japanese comic book into a drama.

source: KBS Global



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