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Kim Hyeon-jung Cites "Split Personality" over Drama Role

In real life, he would choose first love Han Chae-young

"I thought I would try to avoid criticism for my first acting role. But I'm getting some heat. People say my dialogue deliverance is still awkward. I didn't understand when actors said the character must be internalized. I'm realizing the meaning and will gradually improve my acting."

Kim Hyeon-jung (23) interviewed with KBS on the set of the hit KBS 2TV drama "Boys over Flower" while wearing the uniform of "Sinhwa High School," where he is a student in the drama.

He was closely monitoring his shots despite the hectic filming schedule. He plays Yoon Ji-hu, one of the popular school foursome known as "F4" and the grandson of a former president. Tensions flared from the fifth episode as he created a love triangle with Gu Jun-pyo (played by Lee Min-ho) over heroine Geum Jan-di (Gu Hye-seon).

"I'm rather shy like Ji-hu and my actual facial expressions when I meet a stranger come out during acting. Ji-hu has many internal wounds so conveying facial expressions is, I think, more difficult than saying lines."

"I thought we would shoot in the order of the storyline but we first shot the overseas scene in New Caledonia and Macao. My head was bursting from having to constantly show different emotions. On one film set, I changed into six different outfits. Waiting like for eight hours on set was also tough. We barely had time to eat. But memorizing the lines is not difficult at all. I can easily remember them by just reading them out loud a few times."

He said his most memorable scene in the series so far was in episode 5, when Ji-hu confessed his feelings to Jan-di at their school hideout.

He also said he read the original Japanese comic and found the scene interesting when Ji-hu asks Jan-di to date him behind Gu Jun-pyo's back. He said it's not his opinion alone, and that many other readers also regard this scene as highly important in the plot development.

Until the sixth episode, Kim is "sandwiched" between the younger Jan-di and elder Min Seo-hyeon (
Han Chae-young).

"I was never in a love triangle in real life. In real life, I would choose Min because she is the one whom Ji-hu liked first. I believe first love is more important. For me, when I'm dating, I make it a rule not to be distracted by any other person."

"I used to like girls the same age as myself but I now know that age matters little in love."

He must have felt uneasy about the kiss scenes in his first acting role. One famous anecdote is well known by now. He had a kiss scene during a brief appearance in the KBS 2TV sitcom "Can love be refilled?" Before the scene, he asked the staff if he needed to put his tongue in his partner's mouth. He revealed the story only recently on an entertainment program.

"Kissing with Gu Hye-seon in New Caledonia was more nerve-racking than the scene with Han Chae-young later on, though the latter appears first in the drama. Now I joke around and am at ease with Gu. I've also become close with Lee Min-ho. We eat together and play billiards. Gu and Lee are both highly committed to their roles. I learn a lot from them."

Due to his aristocratic character, Kim finds himself more polite in speech and behavior in real life. His longtime friends from the Songpa district in Seoul make fun of him.

"I live a high life on screen but drink soju in street stalls in real life. I feel I have a split personality (laugh)."

He is also proud of his group,
SS501, who are currently missing two members, himself and Park Jeong-min, who is appearing in the musical "Grease."

"Their success will lay the groundwork for our resumed activity in July when we release a new album and begin our Asia tour. I just want to thank the three active members."

source: KBS Global


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