Monday, March 03, 2008

Actors of 'Likeable or Not' Say Being 'Lovey-Dovey' is Fun

Actor Kim Ji-seok and actress Han Ji-hye, who appear in the primetime drama 'Likeable or Not' on KBS, are demonstrating to viewers the essence of a "lovey-dovey" couple.

In the drama, the two characters that the actors play have always had feelings for each other but felt awkward expressing them because not only are they in-laws, but Nah Dan-pung (Han Ji-hye)'s ex-boyfriend is Kang Baek-ho (Kim Ji-seok)'s close friend. However, the two recently decided to follow their hearts and show the world how much they are in love.

Kim said that because the two characters were constantly fighting despite their feelings for each other, viewers were beginning to get tired of the whole game and even went as far as to say that the two characters should never date. The actor added that the viewers can get a chance to see the couple together at last.

Adding that the love story has nearly reached its climax, the actor promised to work hard to deliver a good performance until the very end.

source: kbs global

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