Thursday, November 01, 2007

OST of Drama 'Devil' Big Hit in Japan

A good drama with good music is apt to attract viewer attention. The music of the 'KBS drama Devil,' which ended airing in Korea in May, appears to have gained a large following in Japan.

Since airing in Japan, the drama has seen 20,000 copies of its OST sold, which ranks high in various Japanese on- and offline OST charts and is showing explosive popularity.

The 19 song album includes singing by lead actor Eom Tae-woong and the collaboration of talented musicians such as Bobby Kim and JK Kim Dong-wook.

Director Im Jong-won at Olive Nine, which produced the drama, said, "OST plays an important role in boosting a drama's emotional aspect. We tried to produce good music for a lasting drama effect. OST orders are continuing to come in even after the drama ended airing, and sales in Japan and other countries are expected to grow high."

source: kbs global

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sollee said...

congratulations to the cast and the staff of "the devil" and its musicians....