Monday, September 03, 2007

'Coffee Prince' Gong Yoo, Looking Good Even When Trying to Avoid the Heat

Gong Yoo, star of the MBC Monday-Tuesday drama 'Coffee Prince', was caught on camera trying to avoid the hot weather.

The pictures from the drama’s filming location of Gong Yoo trying to avoid the heat is displayed on his fanclub site, ‘YOO & I’ (

In order to avoid the hot summer,
Gong Yoo was seen blocking the sun with a large umbrella and using a fan while reading lines. He was also seen using a mini electric fan during breaks and having a cold glass of ice coffee, worthy of being named ‘Coffee Prince’.

During the last filming of ‘Coffee Prince', the drama’s actors and crew were seen full of laughter, working in harmony and showing great teamwork even in the hot summer weather.

drama representative stated, "The paper fan, mini electric fan, drinks, and ice cream that Gong Yoo’s fans sent were of great help.”
As 'Coffee Prince' comes to an end, the love story of Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun-Hye is receiving explosive popularity

Gong Yoo is being named as Korea’s most complete and well-rounded man (Wansonam) after filming the drama ‘
Coffee Prince’. The clothes and accessories he wore in the drama is also receiving much attention and growing in popularity.


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