Wednesday, June 20, 2007

LA Times Spotlights Daniel Henney

The Los Angeles Times has carried a special story on half-Korean actor Daniel Henney, who has become a major star in Korea in just two years since his debut here.

The U.S. daily called his immense popularity interesting because of Henney's confession that his Korean language skills are at the level of a 12 year old, he cannot fully handle an all Korean cultural situations and that he's not yet comfortable with the Korean style of emotional expression.

His soon to be released film '
My Father' is about an adoptee who comes to Korea to look for his biological parents and how he eventually reunites with his father.

The LA Times cited Henney as saying that "I'm not yet familiar with the Korean father and son relationship but fortunately, I am in the same position with the character I played in the film."

The paper covered how the model-turned-actor first came to Seoul in May 2005 for a commercial shoot, his rise to stardom through the hit
Korean dramas 'My Name is Kim Sam-soon' and 'Spring Waltz' and his recent film debut 'Seducing Mr. Robin.'

source: kbs global

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sandy said...

Daniel Henney is totally gorgeous only watched him in samsoon tho cant wait to see his other films