Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kang Ji Hwan, Han Ji Min cast as main leads for 'Gyeong Seong (Capital) Scandal'

Kang Ji Hwan and Han Ji Min have been cast to the upcoming KBS drama series 'Gyeong Seong Scandal.'

series which will start airing on June 6th is the story of Gyeong Seong, the capital of the day, in the 1930s in a fusion historical drama format focusing on those rebelling against the Japanese government with a line of romance drawn in a bright and cheerful spirit.

Kang Ji Hwan will play Seon Woo Wan, the greatest playboy in Gyeong Seong, while Han Ji Min will draw Na Yeo Gyeong, a not so traditional female figure. Ryu Jin will play the elite Lee Soo Hyeon who as a Chosun person rises amongst the ranks in the government while Han Goh Eun will play the famous bar hostess Cha Song Joo of one of the top class restaurants.

The script is being written by Jin Soo Wan who also wrote '
Wonderful Life' and 'My Sister in Law is 19,' and will be directed by Producer Han Joon Seo of 'Runaway Lee Doo Young' which aired last year.

source: Broasia
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