Thursday, April 05, 2007

Song Seung Hun will lead the SBS drama City of Gods

Song Seung Hun
and the script writer Jung Hyung Soo will collaborate in the dramaCity of Gods ” scheduled to be aired by SBS in July. Originally, the writer of the drama was Oh Soo Yun , who wrote for SSH’s earlier drama Autumn Tales”, and the broadcasting was scheduled in March.

Due to the withdraw of Oh Soo Yun, the production company “Poibos ” decides to invite Jung Hyung Soo, who wrote for famous dramas “
Joo Mong” and “Da Mo”, to be the script writer. The filming of this drama is scheduled in May in overseas locations.

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kimineng89 said...

so when is the movie"city of god" going to be out? i have been looking every where for this drama movie. i am so looking forward to seeing that movie.