Sunday, December 24, 2006

Han Ga In, Dennis O’Neil, and Jae Hee lead the SBS drama “Witch Yoo Hee "

Han Ga In and Dennis O’Neil will costar with Jae Hee in the Wednesday-Thursday drama “Witch Yoo Hee ” scheduled to be aired by SBS on 3/14/2007. The PD is Jun Gi Sang whose previous dramas were “Sassy Girl Choon Hyang” and “My Girl”.

HGI plays the heroine Ma Yoo Hee hinting that the character is like a “Witch ”. Yoo Hee has independent personality and is the only daughter of the owner of an advertisement company and is working as an advertisement planner. She has superior talent in management and is hardworking and competent. She is the successor of the advertisement company. Moreover, she has dazzling beauty and she punishes men around her calmly. Thus people say that Yoo Hee could “stab to have one drop of blood without even showing up.” Although she is like a witch, she is lonely and has no lover, a woman tough outside but soft inside. After she is introduced to Tae Suk ( played by Jae Hee) who is a student learning cooking, she falls in love with him.
Dennis plays a perfect guy, warm and reliable, specializing in French cooking, lives in seclusion in Korea and concentrates on cooking. He is Tae Suk’s coach of love working hard as a middleman between Tae Suk and Yoo Hee. HGI’s previous drama was “Dr. Gang (MBC, 2006)” and Dennis O’Neil’s was “Sweet Spy (MBC, 2006)”.
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