Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lee Jun Ki : top new korean actor

korean actor : lee jun ki

Name : Lee Jun Ki (Joon-Ki, Lee)

Birthday .: April 17, 1982

Height : 178 cm

Weight : 66.5 kg

Blood type: B

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: computer games, soccer/football, internet, singing and dancing.

Specialty: Tae Kwon Do 3rd Degree, Hapkido, Taekkyeon 1st degree

Languages: Korean, Japanese, English and Chinese

Ways of relieving stress: dance, sing and dance while drinking

Favorites food: Steaks, curry and Pizza

Favorite colour: red and blue

Favorite drink: Coffee

Favorite animal: puppy

Favorite season: autumn and spring

Most saddest moment: when his grandmother died

Hobbies : Martial Arts, Watching Movies

Education : Seoul Arts University - Movie Part

Debut : 'So, Basic' Advertisement Model (2001)

Awards : 2006 Baek Sang Best New Comer Male, 2006
Baek Sang Popularity Award, 2006
Baek Sang ‘In style’ Fashion Award, 2006
Netizen Best New Comer Male, 2006 Max Movie
Best Actor (King’s Man – Lee Junki)

Fly Daddy (2006)
King's Man (The King and the Clown)(2005)
Flying Boys (Ballet Dancing School) (2004)
Hotel Venus (2004)

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